Tiriki Tropical Gardens and Farm

TTGF is a premier Bamboo Nursery in Kenya focused on rising healthy, quality and certified seed propagated Bamboo Seedlings. With over 280,000 bamboo seedlings at any given time, TTGF offers a one stop shop for bamboo farmers for a top pick of seedlings for low-lands, highlands, arid and semi arid areas and high rainfall areas. We are a KEFRI, KFS, KWTA, NECC Bamboo Demo Farm and we have hosted the CS Environment Hon. Keriako Tobiko, a host of Governors, Researchers and Academicians on the farm. Our mature plantation demonstrates the suitability of bamboo in landscape restoration.

Bamboo Value Chain Centre

Looking for experts’ guidance in bamboo, our team of practical enthusiasts in Bamboo farming is at hand to guide you through the entire bamboo value chain. From nursery establishment to plantation establishment and management to post harvest processing to linkages with product developers…..that is our domain. Bamboo is sensitive to altitude, rainfall quantity, type of soil etc. Feel free to consult with us on where to plant the 16 species of bamboo that have been identified to grow in Kenya.

Lisha-Toto Community Based Organization

We give back to the community. A green community is a healthy community. Join us in greening schools, public spaces and training and facilitating rural communities in embracing bamboo for conservation and commercialization.

Bamboosa Green Living

Bamboo is touted to produce in excess of 40,000 products ranging from simple household items like cooking sticks and toothpicks to complex engineering products like wind turbine blades and high-end motor vehicle interior trimmings. Bamboosa Green Living offers elegant furniture and households centre pieces that leaves the living areas with a touch of finesse. The in-house workshop offers our clientele a selection of taylor made pieces that go a long way in demonstrating the versatility of bamboo. Check our gallery for some of our fine finishes.

The Bamboo Manor

A clean oxygen haven. The bamboo Manor offers comfort, serenity and lots of oxygen-therapy to those who want to get away from it all. Giving your lungs a treat is our business, a walk about in the bamboo plantation hugging bamboo nourishing your body is an irresistible adventure. Listening to early morning and late evening chirming of an array of birds is an offer only available at the Manor. Tucked in a small village at Shamakhokho market, you do not want to miss the experience.

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